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Live secure and worry-free with HomeForce LifeNet Pendants that provide two-way voice communication, automatic fall detection, round the clock monitoring, GPS tracking and emergency medical services.


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Discover the Possibilities of Homeforce LifeNet Pendants

GPS Location • Fall Detection • Canadian Monitoring • Five Diamond Award

GPS Location

Sends location to loved ones and/or to monitoring center in the event of an emergency.

Fall Detection

The Pendant automatically detects falls and comes with two way voice communication.

Canadian Monitoring

Our Professionals recieve signals round the clock to guarantee security.

Five Diamond Award

Committement to highest level of customer service delivery and industry standards.

Unlimited Protection, Wherever You Go

LifeNet monitoring provides an invisible safety net that goes unnoticed. We all want to live with independence and control in our lives, and when things don't go as planned, our wellness monitoring safety net is there to save the day when needed.

Stay protected with Homeforce advanced access control systems

  • Stay protected Canada wide.

  • You customize who we call in an emergency whether it is family, neighbors, friends, or 911.

Fire monitoring with Homeforce home surveillance

  •  LifeNet features unlimited amount of button pushes and talk time.

medical alert system to help elderly live independently

On-the-Go Fall Detection Technology

LifeNet provides mobile automatic fall detection wherever you are in Canada. The sensors are designed to differentiate between a fall and ordinary movements.

microphone for two way communication - medical alert devices

  • LifeNet uses a microphone and speaker so you can talk to your response team.

Complete protection in case of breaking, loot, steal etc with home alarm systems

  • Built in accelerometer , gyroscope and magnetometer capture over 190 parameters.

water resistant medical alert neclaces

  • Highly water-resistant; designed to be worn in the shower or bath.

Lost, and Don't Know Where You Are?

When you press your mobile help button, we use GPS and cellular coverage to locate your position anywhere in Canada. We then alert your emergency contacts so they can come to your aid.

gps location tracker line diagram for home alarm systems

  • Improved location accuracy.

everywhere connectivity with medical necklace to keep seniors safe

  • 4G/LTE Support.

recording for events in security cameras

  • Breadcrumbs of last 25 events.

medical alert devices to track elderly