Respirator y ri. ses from his blood, as if it were a dragon, the power is soaring.broken There was a low cold drink in his mouth, like a thunderous scream, and his face suddenly became awkward.All the power was Respirator completely transferred by him, directly impacting the third seal.Booming The dull collision sound came from his body, listening to the terrible sound of the collapse of the mountain, even if Xuanwei could not help but squeeze a cold sweat.In the end, what kind of intense collision will make such a sound The cultivation of the warriors is to temper the flesh, to open up the air pockets from the beginning, to refine the infuriating, Respirator and then to integrate the blood into the blood, to practice the real mans, and then to start to integrate the five internal organs with the real mans, and to practice it.Heart, liver, spleen, Respirator lung, kidney, gallbladder, Respirator stomach, seven key organs can be strengthened, no matter Respirator which one of them is raised with real mang, you can practice Respirator it and enter the sect.All of the seven were opened, and they entered the seventh rank of the sect.If they were connected to each other, they would go one

further and step 3m respirator madk full face into the eighth rank of the ancestors.If they Respirator continue to go further, they will re integrate this force into the body.Other organizations, such as the intestin. Respirator es, have made their bodies completely extraordinary and stepped into the ranks of the Respirator ninth order.As for the cultivation of the warlocks, they are different from the warriors.They are Respirator not one to get through the organs to strengthen, but Respirator to motivate the outside world, constantly cultivating from the table, Respirator and the whole begins to improve, the method should be much gentler.However, this gentleness also means that although their breakthrough is sound, face masks tiger protection the speed will be slower.In addition, because of Respirator the development of different organs, the martial arts of the martial arts will also produce some changes.The changes brought what are purifying face masks about by different organs are different, but the warlocks are almost always the same.One is to choose one by face fitting dust masks one, and the other is to choose to practice together.In the end, the effect will be the same, and they full face snorkel masks youth will all be trained and step into the king.Xuanwei knew that Ye Han would choose to break through in the way


of the Respirator warrior, but he did not know which one of Ye Respirator Han would choose the dirty body as the first object of quenching.Therefore, at this moment, his eyes fixed on Ye Han, and after seeing Ye Han s actions, his eyes were getting bigger and bigger.This Xuanwei opened Respirator his mouth and said with amazement, He actually wants to start to temper two differ.ent organs at the same time. Yes, at this moment, through his spiritual knowledge, what he saw was that the power of Ye Han s original condensed into one is suddenly divided into two, and he went to the heart and the kidney.It is not impossible to hit two organs at the same time, but the difficulty factor will obviously increase more than double.What s more, there is a seal like Respirator this on Ye Han, and the difficulty factor is even bigger.Xuan Wei is also unclear, Respirator how has Ye Hao, who has always been savvy, how to make such a choice Does he Respirator have any special plans In the trust of Ye Han s outstanding performance, he continued to look patiently.After careful observation, he discovered that the true power of Ye Han is running at this moment.It rushed to the heart, and the wat

er Respirator system was really awning with Respirator the thunder and straight into the kidneys.This kind of strategy is to make Xuanwei feel a lot of peace of mind.Because the heart is a fire, the fire property will Respirator not hurt it, and the wind helps the fire, the wind system can also help the fire system to Respirator attack the city faster.In the same way, the kidney belongs n95 respirator mask testing to water, and the lemon juice face masks water system is really masculine with when to replace 3m respirator filter the Ray system, and it can also be overcome under the most stable conditions.Seeing this, Xuan Wei also knows that Y. e Han has not Respirator been stunned, but this also makes him even more puzzled.He chose this kind of self satisfaction path nokia n95 vs n96 for Qi Hanhan.He is not like a quick success. In the end, Xuanwei continued to look down patiently.Soon he discovered the intention Respirator of Ye Han, and he could not help but scream Good guy.It turned out that he found that when Ye Han started to force the force sleep apnea face masks to start hitting the organs, the seal inside his body had emerged and began to hinder him.Ye Han has a single heart and two uses, and at the same time impacts two organs, just to spread the Respirator power of the seal, but his own strength is c