Masks nd completely Masks changed back to me.Lei Yueer stayed for a long time before he suddenly hurriedly asked That is Liu Yan You still don t understand Liu Yan suddenly turned his head and looked at her with a pair of indifferent eyes.What you know about Liu Yan is just my reincarnation.Once my past memories have completely recovered, Liu Wei s Consciousness disappears and disappears completely.How could this be the case Lei Yueer was sitting on the ground weakly, his eyes were dull, and he could not accept what he had heard.Liu Yan looked at her, and she couldn t bear it in the depths Masks of her eyes.She immediately disappeared quickly. She continued to say in a cold tone So, I will Masks suddenly grow so much, I will keep you from following me, let you go away What you Masks said is true.Lei Yueer is still unacceptable and stares at him. Liu Yan.did not return, and turned his head again. He walked over to the magic sword again and said, I told you, I have told you, don t worry about me now.I still know that you are Who, don t want Masks to hurt you, but once I restore all the memories Masks of the past life, I can t guarantee Masks that I won t start with you.If you want to save your life, let

me roll it. The crystal Masks tears quickly overflowed from the eyes of Lei Yueer.She bit her lower lip and asked Do you have to solve the memory and you can t do it for me haha When Lei Yueer s words were not finished, he was interrupted by Liu Wei s laughter If you don t solve the memory of past lives, you will have to n95 medical face mask see your position too high.I never care about you Lei Yueer screamed Since you paid sick leave during coronavirus don t Masks care about me at all, why Masks do you still have to early respirator mask membrane save me and avenge me Liu Yan s footsteps once again stopped, and did not seem to know how to answer Masks her question.When Lei Yueer s sorrow appeared what type of respirator do you wear for chemical gas in a few points, he wanted to say something more, but the change suddenly out A black streamer flew without warning, and it was a sharp sword that quickly tore the air and came to the side of Liu Yan.Be careful When Lei Yueer saw this sword, the sword had already come to Liu Yan s eyes.He seemed to have no time to dodge. Without hesitation, Lei Yueer immediately mobilized his strength, grabbed the sword tow.ard the sword, and prepared to block it. Masks comfortable dust mask for mowing grass However, Lei Yueer did not expect Masks that he had just brought up the power of the body.The sword that rushed from


the galloping actually released a mighty pressure and directly crushed her, and forced her to retreat.Her pretty face is white and her eyes are anxious. but Liu Yan saw this sharp sword coming in from the front, and the coldness in his eyes flashed, but his foot Masks was just stepping out, and his figure instantly withdrew 100 meters away.boom The Daoli sword fell directly on the stone wall next to it, penetrated into it, and made a big and deep pit.It is not difficult to imagine that if it falls on the person s body, I am afraid that Liu Wei has already had a huge one.Grotto However, the other side s attack did not last for a long time, Liu Wei just avoided a sword, another attack immediately arrived.This time, it is still a sword, but Masks the sword is more fierce, and it is covered Masks with strange magic flames.With the help of Magic Flame, the sword has entered the body of his body, and it is as strong as a broken bamboo.roll Liu Yan sipped a low voice, and immediately pushed the body to the body.In an instant, the whole body was covered by the Masks majestic airflow.A Haoran sword was also launched at the Masks same time. I saw that he quickly raised Masks his hand and it was a fin

ger.In an instant, Guanghua e. merged A slender sword shadow larp face masks suddenly came out of the hand and hit the sword sharply.bang The red and blue brilliance burst open like a blast Masks of fireworks.The roaring energy what does aha do in face masks instantly shattered the nearby space and made a respirator for avoiding smoke harsh sound.Liu Yan directly applied his body to the extreme, moving through the flow of energy, and blinking out of this chaotic energy.When he just rushed out, he saw the third sword, but strongest multi filter 3m mask before he rushed to the sword, the detective swept toward Masks it.The sword was also shot Masks in an instant under his finger, and a huge pit was bombarded not far behind Masks him.Liu Yan escaped the attack, but he just rushed Masks out and the pupil was slightly shrunk.It turned out that at Masks this moment, there was a claw that caught the thunder moon.At the same time, a familiar what is the proper way to wear disposable face masks pressure suddenly enveloped Liu Masks Yan s body, trying to suppress her actio