Mask h characteristics of the cloud Mask power secret, and quietly left the valley that Mask began to collapse.At the same time, Ye Han secretly informed the Emperor Xin Xin and Mask told her about her plan.After Ye Han left the valley, he left with the emperor Xin Xin and his brother.At this time, Emperor Xinchen was looking at Ye Han with a look of worship.Just, just that handsome, how did you do it Di Xin Xin morning blinked and said.Ye Han touched his nose and looked at the appearance of Emperor Xinchen.He had already guessed the identity of the boy in front of him.Oh, yes, I haven t introduced myself yet. My name is Di Xinchen, my brother s younger brotherYou should be my brother in law.Di Xinchen smiled and introduced himself. Snapped He just finished, the next emperor Xin Xin directly hit a Mask chestnut on his head, and he licked his little head and squatted on the ground again.Ye Mask Han is a bit stunned, not only because of the words of Emperor Xinchen, but also because of the violent behavior of Emperor Xin.However, the younger brother of Emperor Xinxin is Mask a bit interesting.At least Ye Han can see that he is indeed very pure.Like a child, he is not

pretending, and he does not have any disagreement with himself.Cough, my brother likes to Mask talk indiscriminately, childish words, you don t care about him.Di Xin Xin s face is a little red, hospital respirator mask Mask said to Ye Han. Oh, Ye Han nodded.Sister, I warn you, I won t knock my head again in the future, then I will not grow Mask taller, said Emperor Xinchen, bowing his head.If you dare to talk again, believe it or not, I will knock you into a pig s head.Emperor Xinchen s Mask face 3mtm auratm n95 respirator mask immediately slammed down, and then began to plead with Emperor Xin, and finally let Emperor Xinxin half face dust mask single let him go.however Right, brother in law, what is your name Emperor Xinxin turned his head and looked at Ye Han.Snapped Mask Emperor Xin Xin gave him a chestnut and said Just taught you, you will talk to me again.Sister, heb sale ad I am sorry. I shouldn t call my brother in law, but I don t know what my brothe.r in law is called, so I can only call his brother in law.The Emperor what do skin care face masks do Xinchen said innocently. I dare to talk about it, see if I don t make you a pig.As a result, Emperor Xin Xin directly chased the emperor Xin Xin s beating.Ye Han on the side was also amused by the two. It s Mask a good way to adju


st the tiger to the mountains.It s really a cold leaf. Just then, a magnetic man s voice came from the back of Ye Han.Ye Han was shocked. When he looked back, he saw a white man standing outside his 100 meters.He Mask had just not found the existence of this person, and he did not know when the other party appeared.Ye Han wants to use the spirit to explore the strength of Mask this person, but finds that he can t lock the other side.He narrowed his eyes I can escape my spiritual knowledge.This guy is a master. There are people outside the mountains.There are no strong people in the world. Mask Ye Han mouth corner hook, there is no fear in the eyes, Mask but the war Mask is burning.Such an opponent is interesting to Ye Han. The appearance of the white man, let Di Xin Xin and Di Xincai also stopped to fight, and quickly returned to Ye Han s side, eyes fixed on the other side.Chapter 614 White Killer You are very good. The white man looked at Ye Han up and down and said with a Mask chuckle.He rarely takes the task to kill, because he feels that the average person is not wor.thy of his shot, but at this time he feels that Ye Han has this qualification.You are also

coronavirus respiratory syndrome prevention very good, Ye Han laughed. For Ye Han, this person can escape his spiritual knowledge and prove that the strength is good and worth fighting.Emperor Xin Xin and Emperor Xinchen couldn t smile at the moment.They also felt the terribleness of this white man. They each raised a spirit of 120,000 points and stared at the white man with vigilance.You want to get in the way, then I can only do this, said the white man.Then, I saw his hand wave, there were twenty black people around, and can u use training mask for dust Mask each strength reached the fifth level of the king.Emperor Xin Xin and Emperor Xin Xin couldn t help but widen their eyes How could this be that Mask he could bring so many people into the battlefield of witches Ye Han did not lose 3m n95 respirator mask 8210 his calmness, but said indifferently If you are so interested, then we will be with you.Said, Ye Han hand wave, Lei Wei and others appeared in the field.And Emperor Xinxin and Emperor Xinchen also released Lin Zhirong in the space treasure.Good, then, let s get started now. Mask Mask The white man s mouth Mask is hooked.I saw him emitting a should respirator be worn when applying talstar black mist around him, as well as the other 20 mask for wood dust people around him.In Mask the Baoding of Jiulong, the Ai Xuan, wh