Facemask safe than any other place in the city.Without waiting for Lin Yaner to understand what he meant by this, he had already been taken away by the law enforcement.Far away to Chen Ba, he said Help me take care of this girl.When I come out, I will immediately take the blood.The people of the Eagle Camp are saved back. Yes, Chen Bazheng responded.Chapter 185, Undercurrent What thirteen emperors appeared He actually appeared Facemask directly at the gate of the city, but now he has been taken away by the law enforcement team.No, what do the law enforcement team have to qualify for a prince I heard that someone who had found the royal family was shot, and the crime was that he resisted the purpose.In Facemask less than half an hour, Ye Han appeared in Cangshengguan, and was captured by the law enforcement team.The news sent to the dungeons in the city spread throughout the Cangsheng Pass.Numerous people have talked about it, and the reactions of the parties are also very different.In the city, within the house of the Seven Facemask Emperors, Ye Dan, Facemask the seven emperor who was originally practicing, was awakened, and then the news reported by his men surpr.ised Facemask him. Strange, w

hy did the people of the Clan House shoot The seven emperors blinked and bowed what are the paper face masks their Facemask heads and meditated.Will the Facemask other emperors think that the thirteen emperors are threatened, so they can t help but take the shot.The gray coated old man guessed. Ye Dan shook his 3m metal dust half mask head and said The boss and the Facemask fourth are not expected to care about him.As for other people, hey, they really can t help me and he make a lot of trouble, so that they can black doctor mask be awkward.It s said that the old man in Facemask the gray coat also frowned.Who would be the average person could not ask for the Zong s house After thinking for a while, Ye Dan s mouth was hooked and suddenly said In any case, this is our chance.Send someone to the guys in the prison to send a message, tell them, kill Ye feline coronavirus negative XIII, the prince Can help them regain their freedom The great gray haired old man was hesitant for a moment.These guys are all extremely vicious people. Although we have contacted them before, Facemask these people are not easy to be with Facemask them, and they have not really been able to Facemask I m n95 masks amazon going to use it myself, I m really going to release them, I m afraid Ye Dan waved his hand in disapproval and said The king has


no time to wait for this time.It is because after their last chance, if they are doing what they said, Facemask the king may still be able to They have a life and give them a chance to bu.ild their merits. But if they still want Facemask to play with other thoughts, hey, the king does not mind sending them directly to the real hell.During the speech, Ye Dan s overflowing thick sense of killing, the body also circulated a ray of fire.This Facemask killing and momentum made the old gray haired clothes unable to hold back their necks, and the Facemask feet were pushed back a few steps in a row, and then they stood firm again.Looking at Ye Dan, the old man in the grey coat finally focused on the key, saying There is no peace of mind, this time will be the perfect completion of the task, never let down the expectations of His Royal Highness After the completion of the speech, he immediately retired and began to implement the task of Ye Facemask Dan Facemask s arrangement.He is now Facemask very understanding of Ye Dan s mood. As the Seven Emperors, he is not the best among the many princes of the Zihuang Dynasty, nor is he the most capable of competing for the throne.Above him, there is also a four emperor

, whether it is talent, strength or self influence, the master in his hands, the established military achievements, there is a big prince on him, that photos of wearing half mask respirator is, the prince, is the righteous Chu Jun Nowadays, both the Prince and the Four Emperors have already supported each of the two major 3d face masks battle Facemask camps in the Cangshengguan, leading them to fight with the Yaozu outside, and madly harves.ting the battle. The Seven Emperors are still unable to act for the time being.How Facemask can he not worry I thought that Facemask I would Facemask secretly join the Qingyun School and get the two genius orders in the hands of the Qingyun School.After adding his strength to 3m mask malaysia the class level , you Facemask can directly take the Cangsheng Order and order you to sneak all the battle camps in Guanzhong.At that time, even Facemask the Prince. And the four emperors should also be jealous, and then Facemask let him lead all the battle camps to repel the where to buy biore face masks demon, the throne is almost his bag.After coronavirus tips for working at home all, in the hands of the Prince Facemask and the four emperors, they only had one master order.In front of him holding two orders, they also obey the orders.However, what he did not expect was that the waste prince Ye Han, who was originally