Face Mask ic knife that he Face Mask was constantly exerting was immediately coming to this downfall again.However, this time the scene that appeared in front of everyone is completely different from the previous one.Just listen to Ye Hankou and give a cold drink kill Immediately, he jumped up, and a knives appeared on him out of thin air, and the power surged like a tide, crushing everything, engulfing all directions.Everyone has widened their eyes at this moment. They finally understand what Ye Han wants to do he is using his body as a weapon and Face Mask using his body to apply his knife.What shocked them even more was that Ye Han s crazy idea was successful.call out Face Mask He is like a humanoid knife, carrying an amazing speed, flexibly avoiding the imaginary swordsman, and blinking in front of the illusory The twenty eighth chapter two masters How can this be At this moment, many Face Mask people in the gladiatorial field are exclaimed, unbelievable.Even the top ranking powerhouses hidden in the crowd have widened their eyes, and it s incredible.When, the human body can als. o be Face Mask used as a knife, let alone the arrogance of the five martial arts How terrible the flesh is needed to be able

to withstand this terrible knife Then I saw the imaginary swordsmanship that was so horrific that it was easily avoided by Ye Han.Then, Face Mask when Ye Hanyan s eyes fell into the illusion, everyone was almost blindfolded.Yes, even if the Face Mask illusion is to integrate the five swords with the n95 respirator training powerpoint how to attach face mask to airsoft fast helmet demon, so that the swordsman has spirituality, Face Mask how can this spirituality compare with a humanoid knife with real thinking ability And Ye Han s unexpected move is obviously inspired by the virtual sword Face Mask , but the medium he uses is his own body.Really a crazy guy This is the only thought that vainly emerges at what does a milk and honey face mask do the moment.He has always Face Mask been very confused. Although the blade used by Ye Han is also good, it is obviously not a full face paint respirator mask demon blade, and there is no demon that can be used as a medium for martial arts.However, Ye Han still Face Mask succeeded in displaying the knife method that is not inferior to Face Mask his sword method.Now he finally understands that Ye Han has always used his own body as a medium, but he has always concealed it very well, and most people Face Mask simply can t ammonia mask 3m imagine that he actually did it.It was only when the blade of Ye Han was destroyed that he used his body to apply the knife

Face Mask

method and exposed this point.But when he was imagining to understand this. Ye Han s palm had already reached his shoulder, Face Mask and a knife was locked in his neck, and he could not handle it.You lost. The plain voice came from Ye Hankou.The sound spread to the Quartet and spread throughout the gladiator field.It was like a thunder in the ears of everyone, and it instantly bombed everyone.The illusion of the whole person is standing on the spot, a handsome face, at this moment full of confusion, for a time at a loss.Not only him, but most Face Mask of the people in the audience are also like this, because Face Mask many people have never thought about the Shaozhuang owner of the virtual cloud villa, but they will actually lose, and they are still Face Mask defeated by a civilian teenager who has just stepped out of the small town.Under The entire square was dead, and after a long time, no one still Face Mask spoke.At this moment, suddenly an old voice rang in the audience and Face Mask was introduced into the ears of everyone I can t think of it, the old man I haven t come out for a few years, and this world has actually appeared such a genius, it s really The Face Mask old man opened his eyes.The sound did not

fall, everyone saw asbestos filter respirator a vague figure on the ring suddenly, and quickly became clear, it was a gray haired old man with white hair.As soon as I saw Face Mask this old man, Ye Han s heart suddenly felt a glimpse.He discovered that the mask around the ring did not know when it di.sappeared, and felt an extremely dangerous atmosphere in this old man.This Face Mask kind of breath, after he entered Face Mask the Cangsheng Pass, only in the Niushan of the Battle Hall, and the Face Mask Black Prison.Zhao Yanxing, a famous class enforcer, felt this threat.He first judged that this old man is n95 face mask child size a class level powerhouse and is still a strongman of the third order or above.father I was still guilty of ignorance, and when I heard the voice of the old man in gray, I immediately woke up from the confused Face Mask state.He looked Face Mask dim and quickly lowered his head does a dust mask vlick pollen and said, I reusable cotton dust mask lost, my father, let you down.Everyone understands that the old man turned out to be a vain father and a contemporary dust mask landscape owner of the Yunyun Villa.The ru