Cough Mask y, but everyone should not be disappointed, except for the cannon ash camp, several others.The battle camp Cough Mask is also very strong, we have to perform well, and strive to join a strong point of the battle camp Some people in the place know that Cangsheng is divided into eight battle camps.In fact, there are only seven strong and powerful, but there are not many people in the seven battle camps.The largest number of iron guards are actually only real cannon ash camps When I heard Zhang Wei s words, Ye Han s brow couldn t help but pick up, Cough Mask but it was a surprise for those of them who wanted to go to the Blood Eagle team.After thinking about it, he opened his mouth and wanted to talk.He wanted to tell Zhang Wei that they could Cough Mask contact the Blood Eagle Battle Camp.However, what he did not expect was that he Cough Mask had not spoken yet.Zhang Wei suddenly looked at him and said to him Ye brothers, Cough Mask you don t have to say anything.Let s go into the city together. Without you, we will not Maybe enter the battle camp Cough Mask in the form of

a team.Although your strength is a little worse, you can rest assured that we will never give up on you, brothers.Yes, hepa dust mask the others immediately sang in unison. Ye Han only felt Cough Mask a little dumbfounded, but did.not expect Cough Mask that Cough Mask he actually became a drag. However, Zhang Cough Mask Hao s words made him very moved.After all, he is now in this small team. The repair of the 9th order of the warrior is indeed the Cough Mask bottom.Everyone else is a martial artist. Even western safety multi purpose dust mask and how to clean Zhang Hao himself has reached the sixth stage of the martial arts.After observation, he discovered this cold air dust mask group. The honest young people coming would a dust mask help with radioactive particles out what disease does sars coronavirus cause3 of the mountains really don t know him.Under such circumstances, if they Cough Mask give up on him, they may join a better team, but they have not done so.He secretly said These people are worth paying Cough Mask Thinking of this, he did not want to reveal his identity for the time being.Lin Yaner, who was on the side, glanced at him and looked at him with interest, and said nothing.Just at this moment, among the people sitting in front of the long case,

Cough Mask

suddenly someone shouted Newcomers, don t hurry up.Come on Zhang Hao Cough Mask and others Cough Mask rushed Cough Mask forward, and Ye Han and Lin Yaner followed them slowly.Several of you seem to want to form a team and join the battle camp.The soldier sitting on the far right scanned them and asked casually.Yes Hey, that line, Cough Mask the fourth order warrior of the martial arts school said with some impatientness You have been incorporated into Cough Mask the iron guard, and quickly report to the northwest city.Everyo. ne couldn t help but stunned.I didn t even think that I would be directly assigned to the famous cannon ash camp.Others are still worried, but Zhang Hao has quickly returned to God and said I am sorry, adults, I am He wants to say that he is the sixth order warrior of the martial arts division.The people under his command are almost all martial arts strongmen.They should not be issued to the cannon ash camp. However, Cough Mask the soldier Cough Mask was very impatient.He didn t want to listen to what he said. He said, If you want to die, don t hurry to report

to the Northwest City.It is speechless that he actually released a glimmer n95 bike vogmask of pressure to try to suppress Zhang Cough Mask Wei.You know, Zhang Wei, a few of them, Zhang Hao, and two others can be Cough Mask repaired as this warrior.As you can imagine, his oppression is not useful for Zhang Wei.This made him quite embarrassed natural face masks for clear skin for a while, but also a bit of a tendency to be angry.At the time of the stalemate between the two sides, another soldier next to him suddenly Cough Mask laughed and said Small eight, I said, even if we don t shoot, even if these little guys are coming out of the mountains, 3m 6300 half mask respirator cleaning I have never seen anything in the world, and I am not likely to be fooled by you.The warriors Cough Mask of several other battle camps also laughed.The soldier named Xiao Ba stunned Zhang W. ei and others, and then he went dust mask and goggles fir desert back helplessly and was angry Cough Mask at the side.It turned out that full face respirator ballistic protection this soldier was originally called Chen Ba, and he only saw Ye Han and others from afar.He found that they were actually a group of martial artists, and they were overjoyed.Their Cough Mask