The Terrace by Samsung, Taking Home Theater Outdoor


The Terrace by Samsung has revolutionized Home Theater in an unexpected way this summer. The terrace is their latest addition to their home entertainment portfolio as their first outdoor 4K QLED TV. Currently available Canada and the U.S, with a professional model launching sometime this summer for businesses.

Why Choose the Terrace?

Designed for the outdoors, the terrace comes in three sizes: 55, 65, and 75 inches while being sleek and slim at 59.8mm. Like most of Samsung’s technology, the Terrace comes with Smart TV features while being built to be durable, and weather resistant.

Let’s Talk Visuals

With a brightness level as high as 2,000 nits, the Terrace displays crystal-clear images visible in any outdoor setting. How? It is coated with anti-reflection and adapts to the changes of the outdoor environment and enhances the visual by minimizing glare, decreasing, or increasing brightness.

Let’s Talk Sounds

The Terrace comes with a matching soundbar. Enabled by its built-in woofers, The Terrace soundbar brings high-quality profound and crystal sound to the outdoor. Regardless of your surroundings, a rich audio experience is achievable as the soundbar features distorting canceling technology.

However, those who would like a customized sound system can do so by connecting desired products the Terrace TV through Bluetooth. Be it, speakers, noise-canceling headphones, or anything else that can be connected through Bluetooth.

For more information, check out Samsung’s article on the product.

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