Certified Smart Thermostat Saves You More ENERGY STAR Certified Smart Thermostat Saves You More is a leading provider of intelligent property solutions. They’ve released a smart home system, the ENERGY STAR certified Smart Thermostat, to keep energy bills down. The system has gone through rigorous, independent testing as a requirement of the Environmental Protection Agency for ENERGY STAR certification. The Smart Thermostat can save homeowners 15-23% of energy when cooling and 9-16% of energy when heating their homes. It may cost an average of $900 to heat and cool a typical home annually, so the ENERGY STAR certified Smart Thermostat offers consumers a significant opportunity to save energy and keep the bills in check.

We often waste energy leaving the AC on when we are away from home. This smart thermostat can prevent this from happening by setting itself back when your house is empty. This action can be completed using your home’s security system and a new technology called Geo-Services, which can monitor when you leave your home and also track when you’re on your way back. This new tech uses your mobile phone and the app to trigger an alert, automatically adjusting your thermostat based on your current location and direction relative to your home. This is a great way to save energy!

Another great benefit of the ENERGY STAR Certified Smart Thermostat is its ability to monitor when someone leaves a window or door open in your home. This is possible again because the thermostat is connected to your home security system. It can pause your AC instantaneously; then, once the window or door is closed, everything returns to normal. Another great way to conserve energy!

With the Precision Comfort feature, the Smart Thermostat delivers comfort to any room and not just where the thermostat happens to be. Using discreet remote temperature sensors, easily placed around the home, the Smart Thermostat can optimize the home’s temperature for any room at any time.

The ENERGY STAR certified Smart Thermostat has been designed for any smart space, whether that be a home or business. It combines a sleek body with the latest cloud services to produce real-time intelligence that promotes an ecosystem of connected devices. This smart home system is armed with more information about its surroundings, thanks to being connected to your home’s security system, so the device works easier to gain a detailed understanding of users’ activities and needs. The ENERGY STAR certified Smart Thermostat automatically finds more opportunities to save energy without impacting comfort.

We leave you with a quote from Dan Kerzner,’s Chief Product Officer, “We’re pleased to announce ENERGY STAR® certification for our Smart Thermostat, which leverages the platform to deliver advanced energy management features with proven savings for consumers. We’ve also engineered the Smart Thermostat to make it easy for our service provider partners to install and support. Home and business owners, as well as our service providers, can adopt our Smart Thermostat with confidence that it will generate long-term value.”

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