Sonos Breaks the Mould with the New Arc Soundbar

Sonos Arc soundbar


Sonos, pioneers of wireless audio and innovators in sound systems, introduces Arc, a soundbar equipped with advanced internal components and designed to provide a high quality, maximum music listening experience. Through its subtle, yet robust design, the Sonos Arc soundbar offers listeners depth, clarity, and richness compared to the best home theatres out there. The array of speakers it uses creates a beautiful center stage, while the left and right speakers create an amazingly wide soundstage. As a result, the Sonos Arc soundbar produces transitions like no other, showcasing what can only be described as a brilliant movie-ready sound adventure.

Most television makers are not focused on their sound system. They come out with bigger and more colourful screens. That’s where Sonos, dedicated with a bold vision for the future of home sound, comes in. They are known for making TV-ready speakers with excellent sound quality and the ability to pair with smart-home devices. The Arc may be the cream of the crop.

The new Sonos Arc soundbar is beautifully sublime, stretching 45 inches long and virtually the same length as the bottom edge of a 55-inch TV screen. Its slender design comes in black and white and includes three speakers for higher-pitched tones and eight woofers for mid-range to bass tones. The Arc fires its audio waves in all directions, so one could argue it’s effective at reproducing a surround sound experience. It is also a voice-enabled smart speaker and works well with Alexa and Siri via AirPlay. Just think, you can conveniently use your voice to turn your TV on and off, pause a movie, and adjust the volume. Believe it or not, you can even ask for details on the weather outside!

Another great feature? The Sonos app enables you to listen to music using the Arc. If you can afford a premium audio experience, the Sonos Arc soundbar is an outstanding speaker, worth every cent, and it turns any TV into a full-stop home theatre experience. This top of the line product is an excellent reminder that we watch films for a full experience, not only to be entertained but to feel a wide range of emotions. Sound is one of the best ways to reap the rewards of a film and the feelings it portrays in all its glory. The Sonos Arc soundbar does a fantastic job bringing well-deserved attention to the importance of brilliant and masterfully executed sound.

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