Captivate with the Lutron Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer

Lutron Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer

With the Lutron Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer, you can enhance your Philips Hue smart lighting experience. Control the ambiance in your space without requiring an app or having to worry when your Wi-Fi connection goes down. It is so easy to use that you barely need instructions, so any visitor or guest knows how it works.

Featuring a clean, round design, the Aurora has two parts – a mounting base and a rotary knob. It comes in white, so once it is installed, it looks like it’s always been a part of the room. Press the button to turn the lights on or off and turn it to dim or brighten your area.

Installation takes less than a minute. You will need a tiny Philips head screwdriver handy. Just turn the switch on, put the mounting base over it, and secure it with the included screw. Then, snap the knob onto the base. The knob contains a coin battery (CR2032), so when you need to replace it, pop it off. The battery should last three years, depending on use; the LED light inside will blink red when pressed if the battery is low.

The Lutron Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer is a great and useful gadget that helps solve a significant smart lighting disadvantage for integrating smart lighting into existing homes. It may have less functionally than the more affordable Philips Hue Dimmer switch, but its simplicity makes it a more comprehensible solution. In short, it’s a brilliant band-aid device, a quick and easy fix that can make the lighting situation in your home much more enjoyable.

Here are some additional benefits –

  • Designed for use with the Philips Hue smart bulbs (sold separately)
  • Smart dimmer locks the existing toggle switch and always keeps the switch in on/up mode
  • A rotary knob lets you switch on/off the bulb by tapping and adjust the brightness by rotating, giving you control over the bulb even when Wi-Fi is not available
  • There is no wiring required. Just install the smart switch in 2-steps by mounting the bracket over an existing toggle switch and snapping the knob on
  • Programmable on the Hue app using the Hue V2 Smart Bridge