Sonos Brings Cinematic Sound in Your Home


sonos playbar home theater sound


Sonos, a leader in the speaker industry, challenges home entertainment norms by providing clear quality sound with its products. With the abundance of online streaming services out there, it’s hard to justify ever leaving your own home for the sake of watching a movie. Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu – to name a few – have changed the way we watch movies and television. However, the movie theatres have that distinct surround sound that amplifies the viewing experience.

Sonos Playbar

Playbar brings the ultimate sound into your home cinema-style, so you can enjoy all of your favorite movies and TV shows from the comfort of your couch. It is mountable, so you can save space on your console. Whether you mount it or place it on a stand or console, the Playbar will automatically adjust and tune the sound for the best possible experience.

Designed by Oscar-winning sound engineers, you’re sure to never miss a voice with the Playbar. Speech Enhancement can also be turned on to further clarify dialogue when there are whispers or for action scenes. Now you can get movie theatre sound without having to shush the people in front of you.

The Beam

If you prefer something more compact, the Sonos Beam is a great option. With high definition sound, there is no doubt that you will have the assured Sonos quality. Like the Playbar, the Beam is designed by prestigious engineers so every voice and sound is emphasized just enough so that you can always follow the story. Its sleek design allows you to effortlessly integrate it into your living space.

Its also smart-feature enabled, so you can control it with your voice or through the Sonos app if you prefer. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are built-in so you’re able to get all of your questions answered, favorite music playing, and much more all handsfree.

Sonos is a leading sound provider and you can create a cinema experience within your own home with the integration of Sonos products. Contact the HomeForce team today to learn more about these products and allows us to help you create the best home theatre viewing experience.

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